Monday, March 15, 2010

Midpoint review

7 drawings from life (5-20 minutes a piece)
2 paintings to show color and paint application
5 completed illustrations
12 sketchbook pages
2 personal illustrations
aiming for childrens book illustration
visual development and concept art for games and movies

(i can't get the link to work in this post for whatever reason, sorry you'll have to copy and paste)
we'll see what the committee has to say.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

digital paint?

the first assignment from illustration 3, the idea was to tell a story without people (that is to say tell a story with things instead) so here is a place where something happened. I'm not stoked on how it turned out but I am stoked on what I've learned about Corel Painter and bits of Photoshop. Hopefully the learning curve is similar to the other illustration classes and I'll have some work I'm happy with by the end of the semester. (note that the first assignments from the past classes haven't been posted)