Friday, January 21, 2011

whilst swept away

I went on a real vacation. Real meaning not just an empty schedule, or back home for some family event, or a quick weekend gettaway. The wife and I went to the Florida Keys for a little over a week and took tons of photos. Here are the studies i did these last few days.


I took a landscape painting class last semester. We did lots of studies on location and from photos and these are the fruits (homeworks) that were most labored over.

pigeon point, california

big cottonwood canyon, utah

goblin valley, utah

lands end, california

Thursday, January 20, 2011

missed a coupla months

Wow time flies, my apologies to my loyal followers. Life happened after finals and swept me away from my computer. But don't worry that doesn't mean art didn't happen in the mean time.

The final project for that perspective class was to design and deliver a world through illustrations of characters and environments. Which was presented in depth in person on the last day of class.
It's a lengthy explanation and involves a bunch of ideas that I'd rather not publish on line, but here are some illustrations from the project anyway.