Sunday, August 15, 2010

finally got away from painter

After finishing up some last minute color beat boards for A Cup of Orange and finalizing some personal digital paintings, I managed to sit at my desk for a few days and not get sucked into spending the day in Corel Painter.

Instead I began exploring Adobe Illustrator and a few days checking in again with my analogue paint skills with some still life painting.

These were both made using the automated functions Illustrator. The top one is directly converted from a photograph (photo of a painting), the bottom one was assembled from a painted sketch that I worked up in layers to facilitate conversion into vectors. I'm not really happy with the results, but this was a valuable exercise in getting to explore Illustrators various tools, drop-down menus, and mode of thinking.

Still-ill-life, Acrylic on top of and intermingled with Colored Pencil. Thank the maker for Matte Medium.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Visual Development for "A Cup of Orange"

I didn't take any classes this summer but I still felt the crunch of finals.
The thesis I was helping develop the environment and props for earlier in the summer, and last semester, changed from chase scene to tea party at the beginning of the summer semester...

...We began by exploring a few dozen silhouettes of teapots, teacups, tables, and chairs...

...from there some shots of the scene...

...then I worked up an establishing shot, to test out color schemes...

...then a big one with everything dialed in.