Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Friday, June 18, 2010

Also, incase you were wondering

I ball parked the number of tries this last year, from mid summer'09 --> the end of spring'10 semester, to somewhere between 700 and 900. (depending on how you count those sketchbook pages full of thumbnails)

And if I also include the last 3 years efforts I'd say modestly I'm around 2500 tries total, cause the first few years didn't demand the same volume of work. So if I can pick up the pace and try to get in around a 1000 a year I'll be at 10,000 by 2017. Which is also when I'll be re-naming this blog "Do or Do not..."

back on the horse

Been keeping busy letting the semester really sink in and trying to relax, which is not my strong suit.

micron pen and digital watercolor

1hr digital shadow study

I've also been doing some work on a collaborative project from school, here are some of many sketches. Hope he doesn't mind me posting them here.