Friday, October 14, 2011

Still Alive

The Semester is back on.
The following is my homework for a class called "The Golden Section" taught by the geometer Mark Reynolds.
The assignment was to make a design based off of any polygon. I choose the enneagon (9 sides) and unfortunately had to do it twice because I did the fist one digitally and he wanted us to use traditional media.


  1. How long did the eye take and what mediums did you use for the traditional materials? I wanna see it closer. I can also say now that I have a tablet it is a very odd experience to be this old and feel like I am touching such a foreign medium. How long did it take you to start feeling like you had that thing under control?

  2. that's amazing man...I like the second one alot....!!!!!!

  3. @Mike: The b/w eye took somewhere between 8-10 hours. The traditional one is gesso, acrylic and colored pencil, and a compass and ruler, and took nearly as long. haha, its about time the digital world caught up with you. It took a couple a days to feel comfortable bouncing around the computer with the tablet, and maybe a year to feel comfortable painting with it... still don't feel 100% "drawing" with it though.

    @Q: thanks dude!

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