Saturday, February 22, 2014

Captain Katarina and the Great Eels

"You are on the deck of a buccaneer’s sailing ship as it is tossed about on the choppy waters of a storm-wracked sea. Between you and the railing running round the side of the ship is Captain Katarina, a hard-bitten woman who looks every part the lady buccaneer. She wears practical leather trews, a finely embroidered, tailored jerkin and a sword-belt round her waist. Her luxurious, long black hair is tied back in a ponytail with a silk ribbon, and a black patch covers her scarred left eye socket. Scimitar in hand, she is pointing at the sea monsters that have emerged from the ocean depths to attack the ship. The sea serpents have long, leathery bodies as thick as tree trunks. The Great Eels open fang-filled maws, ready to snatch any tasty morsel they can from the deck of the ship."

Prompt from Stephen Players Sci-Fi class, which was in turn provided for his use by Jonathan Green from his book Stormslayer.

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