Thursday, May 30, 2013

01 - Ingredients - Recipe for delicious 'Lines from the 'Verse'

Ingredients required to generate a delicious 'Lines from the 'Verse' Painting:

3lbs Art Brain
Phi or Golden Section *
1 Cup 'mindfulness of master illustrator Dean Cornwell' **
2 Cups 'meaningful life experience' **
1 Tablespoon 'interesting play on language from Firefly' **
1 dash 'amateurish understanding of physics' **
Paper (digi or traditional)
Pencil (digi or traditional)
Digital Camera
Reference Image Garden
Empty Floor Space
Mobile Light Sources
Varying lengths of String
Extension Cords
Rendering Oven (preferably Photoshop to better accommodate working with vectors)
25-45 hours time (depending on life context and priorities)

* Phi or Golden Section is rather ubiquitous. If there aren't any references of it on your person, consider going outside.

** Notes on hard to find ingredients

'amateurish understanding of physics' was given to you in High School. Its in there somewhere, dig it up and grab a pinch. If you can't find it watch Carl Sagan's Cosmos again.

'mindfulness of master illustrator' will be the ephemeral summation and appreciation of art in the following manner.
You should start with a visceral resonance with Dean Cornwell's 'Desert Healer'
The amalgam of Cornwell's proportioning of compositional elements, the near flatness of the staging, as well as the narrative it inspires should pull up memories of camping, feelings of weightlessness, and a paradoxical empty fullness.

'meaningful life experience' should involve having spent a lot of time in the emptiness of the salt flats and high deserts of Utah. You should have walked away with a memory of a unique experience that was conducive to allowing your mind and you to feel small, and in the same place and time.

'interesting play on language from Firefly' is from having enjoyed how the in the TV series 'Firefly' they often referred to the Universe as 'the 'Verse'. You thought it gave that particular noun a very human and narrative quality that fell interestingly onto your intellectual understanding of space/time.

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