Monday, June 17, 2013

02 - Base/Sketch - Recipe for delicious 'Lines from the 'Verse'

Once you've gathered all the ingredients, listed in the previous post, you're ready to move onto the first step!

~This first step is a lot like making bread dough~


Imaginatively put hard to find ingredients (**) together in Art-Brain. Mix and extract with 'pencil and paper' onto 'Phi'
(~5-10 hrs)

Mix 'mindfulness of master illustrator Dean Cornwell' and 'meaningful life experience' and pour into all the Art-Brain, as to fully saturate it. 
Let sit.

In a separate space creatively apply 'amateruish understanding of physics' to 'interesting play on words from Firefly'

Picture the whole Universe with all of its sources of electromagnetic energies. 
Next consider the constant barraging of the earth with said energies.
Now consider the visual abstraction of electromagnetic energy as a sine wave. 
This visual representation of energies will react with the phrase 'Verse' (writing arranged with a metrical rhythm and now Universe) and incite the Art-Brain to exploit the duality of abstracted line (sine wave) and visual line on paper.


Add into mixture in Art-Brain

Kneed gently

When the mixture thickens and becomes mentally sticky its too difficult to work with inside the Art-Brain. Leave it alone.
Allow it to leaven before you take it out and put it on paper.

This is the best time to add some 'Phi' or 'Golden Section'
With the pencil prepare the paper with some spiraling squares, or just some vertical and horizontal lines with golden cuts in them.

~bread pan~

Then, again with the pencil, dole out the mixture deftly over the surface of the prepared paper'Phi' will help you spread out the mixture in a meaningful and harmonious way while avoiding a centered/static composition.

It should look like this

*note that placing the figure on the left or top of the composition implies lines into the 'verse.

**if your application of 'physics' to 'play on words' doesn't cause the mixture to thicken, you may have an Art-Brain better suited for representational painting. Incorporating Surreal or Design heavy 'influences' may solve the problem, see if Magritte or Escher help this reaction.

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