Sunday, July 7, 2013

03 Value Study - Recipe for delicious 'Lines from the 'Verse'

Value Study

~This step is like making cookie dough~

Draw from goodies in your reference garden for that authentic homemade narrative flavor and build up an accurate range of values while you're at it!
(~5-10 hrs)

Dig into your reference garden for good night photos from the desert to get that accurate range and placement of values.

Block in quickly
~melted butter, flour~

Go back to your reference stores and harvest goodies for structural reference this time.

Prepare a layer of human gesture for additional emotional resonance.

Take your empty floor space and digital camera and generate some reference for the gesture/pose.


Add a few dashes of implied narrative with flavorful objects.

A violin and sheet music will afford you more lines visually and conceptually allow for a subordinate play on words with sound waves being potentially created by lines that are sheet music notation.


A contemporarily dressed individual will avoid concurrent themes of period dress.
Shoes off and a bottle at half way will add a ponderous tone and imply an accessible length of time.
~chocolate chips~
Gather and place reference in a visually accessible area.

Draw until satisfied.*

*Note the dimensions of the composition are no longer successive Fibonacci numbers. 
In this case you may want to switch to other underlying geometric architecture, in this case a root-2 rectangle**.
A golden rectangle yields a lot of empty space around the figure as seen in the sketch. 
Although this isn't a necessary adjustment, it would be similar to baking brownies or lasagne in too large of a pan. 
You may spread your mixture too thin which may result in needlessly dry and unpalletable areas.

~~~~(for fans of geometry and pretentious 'art speak' only)~~~~

**A square root-2 rectangle is constructed by making a square, drawing the diagonal, and then using that diagonal length as the longest side. 

A square-root of 2 rectangle adds a greater aesthetic complexity to the piece, since there is no growth component to relate to the Fibonacci Sequence to the image conceptually.

By having the Universe represented in the master square and the figure placed in the 'addition' to the square, it could be implied that the organic addition to the Universe is human in nature.
With this relationship in mind, the length dimension of this image is the 'Line from the 'Verse.
It could also imply that the line from the 'verse defines a 'human space' which could easily manifest religious tangents if you take 'verse to mean written word.

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